Introducing A New Way To Protect Your Content

Content Protection With Conditionals

You work hard to create your content. And we’ve worked very hard to bring you an additional – and advanced – tool to manage and protect the content on your site.

With our advanced content protection with conditionals, you’re no longer limited to using tags. The user-friendly panel allows you to customize how and which members have access to specific content based on a wide set of conditions. These conditions can be WordPress user roles, known user behavior, LearnDash user status, WooCommerce activity, and many more.

And, although you can now protect content without tags, that option remains available to you. In short, tags can be used on their own or in combination with the conditionals.

The ActiveMember360 Conditionals interface gives you the ability to protect your content with layered conditionals. This means you can customize what members see with more specificity than ever before.

Customize what members see using:

  • WordPress User Roles – existing and customizable roles
  • LearnDash – courses completed, course enrollment, course progress, and more
  • GamiPress – awards, points, achievements, ranks, and more
  • WooCommerce – purchased products, order status, and more
  • Predefined content and tags
  • PHP Conditional Statements

… and much more!

Conditional content protection provides you more flexibility, allows for greater customization, and saves you time in a way that is unmatched. If you’re not already a member of ActiveMember360, sign up for one of our monthly or yearly plans and test it out!

Our team is happy to help with any questions you may have! Browse our documentation or check out our support page if you need additional help.