This shortcode is used to assign or remove an ActiveCampaign contact to or from one or more automations.

It can be triggered in “autorun” mode, such as when landing on a page or upon a link or button click by the users.

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This shortcode will automatically retrieve a registered gravatar from www.gravatar.com and display it.

If a user is not logged in or hasn’t registered her/his gravatar, the default avatar specified in your WordPress settings is displayed instead.

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With this shortcode, tag-based decisions can be taken similar to PHP’s SWITCH..CASE…DEFAULT .

This shortcode can be used instead of using a series of [mbr_is_for] shortcodes, making your code both shorter and easier to manage.

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This shortcode provides the ability to compare any two values based on a number of comparison operators.

Any two values may be compared. The values may be hardcoded or be other shortcodes, custom shortcode parameters and session variables.

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This shortcode will display any of your ActiveCampaign contact record fields of the current logged in contact.

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