GamiPress Overview

GamiPress allows you to provide digital awards to your users for interacting with your WordPress website.

GamiPress provides three ways to reward your users; Points, Achievements and Ranks

  • Points – Point types allow you to automatically award your users for interacting with your site.
  • Achievements – Achievement types allow you to award achievements to users for completing a specified series of requirements, sequentially or otherwise.
  • Ranks – Rank types allow your users to climb through the rank hierarchy by completing a specified series of requirements, sequentially or otherwise.

For all three methods you can define as many types as you wish.

You can use all the reward types individually or in combination.

Very many plugins exist for GamiPress to provide rewards for all types of user actions on your WordPress site.

ActiveMember360 GamiPress Extension Overview

The ActiveMember360 GamiPress Extension provides an unsurpassed level of integration between ActiveCampaign and your WordPress site using GamiPress.

The ActiveMember360’s GamiPress Extension provides ActiveCampaign tag, list and contact field based conditions to award and deduct points and set requirements for achievements and ranks.

It also allows for the addition and removal of tags, and the setting of a contact field, when earning any achievement and rank, and the storing of point totals in a contact field.

All of the ActiveMember360 GamiPress Extension settings are fully integrated into the GamiPress settings. So if you are familiar with GamiPress there is no additional learning curve to using the ActiveMember360 GamiPress Extension.

How to activate, and configure the GamiPress extension is detailed here: