Dynamic Content and Personalization

The latest innovation to be introduced within ActiveMember360 just took personalizing your membership site to a whole new level.

Starting July 1st, you will have access to ActiveMember360 Conditionals. With conditionals you are no longer limited in the variety, or combination of conditions you can define to create segments or control dynamic content and personalization within your site.

Conditionals allow you to curate what your members see and control your content, sales, marketing and delivery goals based on user behavior, contact data stored within ActiveCampaign and much more.

Controlling what your members see at a granular level means providing the right content where it matters most. You no longer have to worry about using shortcodes to achieve your goals, as we are rolling out a new user interface that is extremely user friendly. This interface is equipped with drop-down menus and visuals to help you maximize everything ActiveMember360 has to offer.

Conditionals allow you to essentially create unlimited sets of conditions. These currently include conditions based upon the following condition types:

  • User Login Status
  • Contact List Status
  • Contact Tag Status
  • Contact Field Comparison
  • PHP Conditional Statement
  • Any Predefined Conditional
  • WooCommerce User Status
  • LearnDash User Status

In addition to these, you can also define your own condition types and evaluation criteria. All of these conditionals can be used to generate dynamic content and personalize:

  • Post titles
  • Post/page content
  • Post/page excerpts
  • Widgets
  • Menus

…and many custom post types such as:

…and many other third party plugins that support shortcodes.

Conditionals can also be used with all of your favorite tools and page builders. Some of these include:

…and many other theme and content builders that support shortcodes.

ActiveMember360 Conditionals are unique and cannot be compared to any other dynamic content or personalization tool on the market. Our conditionals make it easy to control the display of WordPress, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Gutenberg or Oxygen without needing to figure out shortcodes and nested statements.

Once you define a condition, you can use it over and over again across your site without having to worry about redefining it. This makes segmentation faster, easier, and more error-free. This has the added benefit of making it simple and efficient to edit or tweak your existing conditions. Once you revise a condition, the change is implemented across your whole site!

ActiveMember360 Conditionals will make dynamic content creation easy, efficient and hassle-free moving forward.

If you have any questions, our team would be happy to help! Browse our documentation or check out our support page if you need additional help.