ActiveMember360 - The WordPress Membership Plugin for ActiveCampaign

is rich in features and flexible solutions for your membership site requirements. Backed up with top support and a dedicated development team - we're confident you won't find a better plugin anywhere.

icon_automatic-member-creationAutomatic Member Creation

On membership purchase or sign up, ActiveMember360 can automatically create a WordPress user without manual intervention, and, if needed, generating and storing a password in their ActiveCampaign record.
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icon_content-protection__Content Protection

ActiveMember360 supports multiple membership models and protection mechanisms. This makes it easy to configure access to your site's content exactly as you want it and when you want it.
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LearndashBuilt-in Learndash Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for the LearnDash LMS, integrating LearnDash with ActiveCampaign.
While fully supporting the LMS model offered by LearnDash, ActiveMember360 injects additional rules and methods, driven by ActiveCampaign data and events.
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icon_built-in-wooBuilt-in WooCommerce Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for WooCommerce, integrating WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign.
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Built-in Stripe Payment Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for Stripe, integrating Stripe with ActiveCampaign.
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ElementorBuilt-in Elementor integration

Show and hide Elementor Elements, Sections, Widgets, and Popups based on ActiveCampaign data.

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BeaverBuilderBuilt-in BeaverBuilder integration

Show and hide BeaverBuilder elements based on ActiveCampaign data.

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OxygenBuilt-in Oxygen Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for Oxygen, integrating Oxygen with ActiveCampaign.
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Thrive ArchitectBuilt-in Thrive Architect Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for Thrive Architect, integrating Thrive Architect with ActiveCampaign.
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bbPressBuilt-in bbPress integration

Easily and effortlessly manage access to bbPress forums - with a single click.

Grow your own web community with state of the art protection for your content with the fastest and more scalable bulletin board system available.
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BuddyPressBuilt-in BuddyPress integration

Grant BuddyPress group access based on ActiveCampaign tags.

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icon_built_in_contact_form7Built-in Contact Form 7 Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for Contact Form 7, integrating Contact Form 7 with ActiveCampaign.
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BadgeOSBuilt-in BadgeOS Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for BadgeOS, integrating BadgeOS with ActiveCampaign.
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GamiPressBuilt-in GamiPress Integration

ActiveMember360 comes with a built-in extension for GamiPress, integrating GamiPress with ActiveCampaign.
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Popup MakerBuilt-in Popup Maker integration

Extends Popup Maker's display condition with ActiveCampaign tag-based rules.

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icon_content-teaserContent Teasers

Optionally provide excerpts of your protected content to non-paying visitors and search engines.
Add a call to action; include purchase, registration, or upsell links.
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icon_drip-feedingDrip Feed Content

Release content gradually - pages, posts, forums, courses, lessons, etc. -based on tags assigned along a timeline defined in an ActiveCampaign automation.
Subscribers can consume content based on their individual schedules, turning your membership site into an "evergreen" environment.
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icon_expiring-linksSelf-Expiring Amazon S3 Links

Using global settings, ActiveMember360 provides a shortcode to generate self-expiring, encrypted links for all your Amazon S3 content downloads.
Self-expiring links severely limit the ability to "share" links on the web.
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icons_local-formsLocal ActiveCampaign Forms

Using simple and intuitive shortcodes, integrate ActiveCampaign forms on your site, on any page.
For logged in contacts, ActiveMember360 will automatically populate the forms with the contacts' information.
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icon_shortcodes_Intelligent Shortcodes

Easy-to-use shortcodes allow you to customize and individualize your content down to the individual member, making the content more relevant for your users.
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icon_tag-automation_orangeBehavioral Tracking

Use ActiveMember360 to track your users as they view pages, complete courses, and interact with your site.

Automatically assign or remove tags or start automations as they progress through the content.
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icon_video-content-protectionVideo Content Protection

ActiveMember360 can secure your video links to minimize the risk of them becoming publicly available.
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