You can display ActiveCampaign forms directly on your membership website. This is really appealing as since the member is logged in, you can automatically populate their contact details giving them less to do and hence they are more likely to complete the action.

How to display a prefilled form

Paste the FULL EMBED code of your ActiveCampaign form onto your membership site but wrap it in the [mbr_populate] shortcode.

Then paste our placeholders e.g. %%EMAIL%% where you need them. Done!
For further information, read our documentation.

You can use this shortcode to prefill whatever form or text you want as long as it is a logged in ActiveCampaign contact.

How to display none prefilled forms

ActiveMember360 comes with the [mbr_form] shortcode that dynamically fetches an ActiveCampaign form and places it on your WordPress pages.

This shortcode cannot just pull any form, it also has a conditional logic in it, so you can show or hide the pulled form only to specific groups e.g. members, or visitors, or use tags to decide if someone is allowed to see this form or not.