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Powerful Automation w/ ActiveCampaign

ActiveMember360 is a WordPress plugin with only one goal in mind... to leverage as much of your ActiveCampaign data, automations and events as possible, into a cohesive, fully automated membership system for your WordPress site.

ActiveMember360 uses your contacts' data to grant access to your site's content. It automatically keeps tabs on changes, as they take place, and automatically adjusts access to the site accordingly. Content protection means you get paid for your work, your knowledge and your ideas.

Deep Integration w/ WooCommerce

ActiveMember360 unleashes the power of WooCommerce to make your website an ecommerce powerhouse.   With literally millions of ecommerce websites around the globe powered by WooCommerce, you can have confidence that you are using one of the most powerful, stable platforms available.

With ActiveMember360, we've built a level of integration unheard of in the ActiveCampaign community.  Your level of control is astonishing; allowing you to perform tagging and automation that other systems just can't accomplish.

Supports Thousands of WordPress Plugins and Beautifully Responsive Themes

With native support for LearnDash LMS system, OptimizePress 2.0, WooCommerce and its extensions, BuddyPress, LeadPages, and dozens more, there is almost nothing you can't do right out of the box.

Never be handcuffed to what template or them some other membership software provider thinks is 'pretty' or cool. Now you can use almost any theme for WordPress that you like.  If it conforms to WordPress standards, it will work. Choose from hundreds of thousands of themes to make the site you want.

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What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it, read what our customers say about our software.

"ActiveMember360 is the solution I've literally been looking for for months! I tried every membership plugin on the market but none of them gave me this close integration with ActiveCampaign... And none of them gave me the features and flexibility I needed to run a complex membership system. Since working with AM360, I'm relieved of many headaches... and their support team is stellar, they take you by the hand and make sure your problem is solved. Some support teams provide basic, copy pasted answers. Not at AM360. Guys I love your product so much, I'm recommending it to everybody I know!"

Site: SmartStudent

Adrien Sacco

"At first, I was hesitant about picking up ActiveMember360 because I had a system that worked. And it worked very well. Yet I needed something that would be more flexible and work more deeply with ActiveCampaign. I was tired of settling for hacked together solutions. I've been setting it up and can't believe the flexibility and depth of integration it offers. Also, whenever I've had to ask a support question, the reply was a helluva lot quicker than I expected. They were almost instantaneous. I can't be happier with the decision. Amazing job and I'm looking forward to the continued development your team is putting into this."

Site: Friction Free Sales

Matt Fox

State-of-the-Art Technology

ActiveMember360 is programmed using modern PHP techniques and complies strictly with the WordPress Codex.  It also takes full advantage of ActiveCampaign's "webhooks" to automate processes and reduce automation steps required of you by other systems.

Simple 3 Step Install

Installation couldn't be easier.  Use the standard WordPress "Upload Plugin" process, activate the plugin, then provide your ActiveCampaign API key and URL.  That's it.

World Class Support

Support staff positioned around the globe to give you real-time 24 hour coverage for your support needs.  PLUS, we have a growing Facebook presence with many helpful members who can offer tried & true advice.  Our email based ticket system let's us track until resolution any issue you might have.

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