Characteristics of A Directory Membership Site

A directory membership site is one where the members post their listings. This could be an item for sale, a service, a property rental. The listing information uploaded will be structured, and include the item name and description, a cost, availability dates and contact information.

Monetization Strategy

There will be a charge per listing. The charge will vary according to the size and placement of the listing and possibly also on the number of viewing (impressions) of that listing

The site may also charge a one time enrollment fee or have a annual subscription.

Upsell Opportunities

The upsell offer may be around the various types of listing. The site can record clickthrough rates on various ads and hence have empirical evidence to bolster the promotion of better placement.

ActiveMember360 Features

ActiveMember360 supports the directory membership site using the following features:

  • Automatic member creation
  • Content Protection
  • Tag based shortcodes [mbr_is_for]