Characteristics of an Evergreen Drip Fed Content Membership Site

This is one of the most common membership models. The site owner creates a series of articles and that gradually makes that content available to the member over time based on a release schedule relative to the joining day of the member.

The content is mostly evergreen, or in other words, it is not time critical. The content owner may refresh the content every year of so but generally it is pretty stable.

This model has several advantages for the site owner in terms of mitigation of the risk. For example, an unscrupulous member cannot consume all the site content and then ask for a refund before the 14 or 30 day guarantee period has expired.

A membership site of this type will offer something between 4 weeks and 12 weeks of content but there is no official start date. People can sign up at any time - and the content will be delivered on their own personal schedule.

Monetization Strategy

A Drip Feed Content site will offer single payment and payment plans. (e.g 2 easy payment, 3 easy payments, or monthly payments)

Upsell Opportunities

Although overall the course is evergreen, from an individual member's perspective the course has an end date, so you will want to make some offer towards the end of the course in order that you can retain some ongoing income. Upsells may include:

  • Next Level Course - this is the next level for the subject matter (basic -> intermediate, intermediate -> advanced)
  • Maintenance Membership - this is an ongoing subscriptions that allows retention of access to the information, the annual updates to the materials, and possibly other membership benefits such as reduced price tickets to events, access to webinars, etc
  • Done For You Service - the course may have taught a specific skill - you may want to offer a "done for you" service that delivers what the member could have done for themselves if they had followed the course

ActiveMember360 Features

ActiveMember360 support the evergreen drip fed modules using the following features:

  • Automatic member creation
  • Content Protection
  • Gradual Content Release
  • Additional Tag based Content Protection "Only/Not these Tags"