Characteristics of A Classroom Membership Site

An online classroom membership is one where there are a number of courses available. All the courses will be in the same niche or related niches. The courses will often be fairly short and the member will be able to consume the content as their own pace.

Monetization Strategy

In the classroom model, each course can be purchased separately although several courses can be bundled together and sold as packages. The first lesson in each course is often publicly available so prospective buyers can assess the quality before buying.

Upsell Opportunities

Due to the volume of courses they are always opportunities for cross-selling of related course or up-selling to more advanced courses.

ActiveMember360 Features

ActiveMember360 supports the classroom membership site using the following features:

  • Automatic member creation
  • Content Protection
  • Integration with Learndash

For a classroom model, then adding a learning management solution into the membership site will both improve the student experience and also help the site owner with management and delivery of the various courses.