Characteristics of A Service Delivery Membership Site

A service delivery membership is one where the site owner delivers a service to members. An example would be individual and group tuition. The membership site provides information and support for the delivery for that service. This involves a calendar or booking system, worksheets, reference materials, online tools, a support forum or a support ticketing system.

Monetization Strategy

The service delivery membership model will depend of the service being offered. This could be a cost per session or a cost per month. The membership site itself is a free addition to the service.

Upsell Opportunities

The site can track what services a member has purchased so can promote upsell offers.

For example, the site offer may offer regular group coaching as part of the membership. If the site owner has some free time she may run a promotion for reduced price individual tuition sessions to members that have already purchased extra individual session in the last 3 months.

ActiveMember360 Features

ActiveMember360 supports the Service Delivery membership site using the following features: