What Are Paywalls

If you are ready to start sharing and monetizing the unique content on your website, setting up a paywall is an important next step. We will explain to you the ins and outs of what a paywall is and as well as some of the protentional benefits of using a paywall.

What is a Paywall?

A paywall is a feature that lets you restrict access to the content on your site using subscriptions and/or purchases. Paywalls are one of the most important tools digital content creators need to monetize their work.

You may have noticed popular sites allowing you to view a certain number of their resources before asking you to sign-up for a membership, subscription, or join their email subscription list. Offering some free content is a great way to give your site’s visitors an idea of the type of content you produce while keeping your premium content hidden using a paywall such as ActiveMember360. However, you can choose to have your paywall restrict all of your content right away.

Paywalls allow you to hide some or all of your content based on your preferences. ActiveMember360 makes this especially easy with our brand new conditionals, which allow you to curate what your members see and control your content, sales, marketing, and delivery goals based on user behavior and even membership levels. ActiveMember360 Conditionals take the guesswork out of segmentation by allowing you to control what members see at a granular level.

Why Should I Invest In a Paywall?

As we have mentioned, paywalls make it easy to monetize your content. However, did you know that many companies report higher income from subscriptions and memberships than from advertising? The New York Times is an excellent example of this, as they experienced a 46% increase in revenue in 2017 from online subscriptions. Amazon reports equally impressive numbers with its Amazon Prime membership system. With an Amazon Prime membership base of over 100 million, Amazon reports a 93% retention rate after one year and 98% after two or more years. Not only do the members continue paying for their membership fees, but they also spend about $800 more annually than non-members.

Memberships build a community around your content and allow you to identify the specific needs of your customers more easily. Whether your goal is to collect potential customer information or deliver premium content to members and subscribers, paywalls will allow you to serve the needs of your customers more efficiently.

A 2015 survey found that customers were dissatisfied with traditional marketing strategies due to their lack of personalization. ActiveMember360 allows you almost limitless customization of what your site’s visitors see, ensuring improved personalization and user experience.

Our user-friendly WordPress plugin makes it easy to build a full-featured and advanced membership site that protects your content with a paywall. With ActiveMember360, the level of possible subscriber-specific customization and interactivity is unparalleled. Start monetizing on your hard-work by protecting your content with ActiveMember360 for ActiveCampaign today.