Tags are the lifeblood of ActiveCampaign

They allow you to monitor and control the user experience: from visitor to prospect, then to customer and then to a multiple product purchasing customer. Tags will not just tell you about the current state of the customer: tags will allow you track all the significant events in the customer timeline, both past and future. That's if you do it right.

ActiveMember360 allows you to change the way the membership site behaves according to the user's tags and also allows you to add and remove tags based on what actions the member takes on the membership site. This is really powerful capability that few membership sites can deliver.

You can use this feature to:

  • Control access to course content
  • Control what information or offers are shown in sidebars
  • Control what email campaigns the member experiences
  • Drive up member satisfaction through personalization and hence improve customer retention
  • Drive up your revenue through appropriate and timely upsell offers