Fixed Time

Characteristics of a Fixed Time Delivery Membership Site

A Fixed Time Delivery membership site is structured around the concept of delivering content to all members simultaneously, according to a predefined schedule, rather than on an individual signup basis. This approach is particularly common in educational and training contexts, where it can foster a sense of community and cohort among participants. The content is “drip-fed” weekly, ensuring that members progress through the material together, which allows for synchronous discussions, peer support, and a structured learning environment.

The integration of live online classes is a key feature of this model, providing an opportunity for real-time interaction between instructors and members. These sessions typically review the material covered in the previous week, address any questions or challenges encountered by members, and set the stage for the upcoming week’s content. This interactive component enhances the learning experience, enabling immediate feedback and personalized guidance.

Courses offered through Fixed Time Delivery sites are often structured around specific start and end dates, creating a sense of urgency and scarcity that can drive registrations. The registration window closes once the course begins, maintaining the integrity of the cohort and ensuring that all participants are moving through the material at the same pace.

Monetization Strategy

The monetization of a Fixed Time Delivery membership site typically involves a one-time payment for each course or series, reflecting the structured and time-bound nature of the offering. This upfront payment model aligns with the commitment required from members to engage with the course over its entire duration. For higher-priced offerings, the site may provide a payment plan option, allowing members to spread the cost over two or three installments, with the full amount due before the course starts. This flexibility can make the courses more accessible to a wider audience while ensuring that financial commitments are settled by the time the course begins.

Upsell Opportunities

Upselling within the Fixed Time Delivery model strategically leverages the live sessions and the structured course timeline. As members progress through the course, they may identify additional needs or interests related to the subject matter. This presents an opportunity to offer related courses, advanced modules, tools, software, or products that complement the initial course content. These offers can be introduced during live sessions, where engagement is high, and the context is relevant.

To maximize upsell opportunities, it’s crucial for the site to promote the live sessions actively, encouraging maximum attendance and engagement. This not only benefits the learning experience but also creates a captive audience for introducing upsells. Furthermore, because the community aspect is strong in such courses, recommendations for additional resources or courses can be perceived as more personalized and relevant, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

By focusing on creating a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, Fixed Time Delivery membership sites can effectively monetize their offerings while providing significant value to members. Upsells, when aligned with the course content and member needs, can enhance the overall learning journey and contribute to the site’s revenue.

ActiveMember360 Features

ActiveMember360 supports the Fixed Time Delivery membership site using the following features:

  • Automatic member creation
  • Content Protection
  • Video Content Protection
  • Tag based content Protection
  • Tag based shortcodes [mbr_is_for] and [mbr_tag]

The release of content takes place by applying tags which can be set by a date based ActiveCampaign automation.